Disintegration Tester


The CALEVA DIST 20 series is available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 simultaneously operating USP/EP/JP compliant test stations. The counting of the elapsed test duration is automatically started/stopped when the arm with the basket is lowered/raised manually.

Test time and nominal bath temperature is entered via the membrane keys, current test times as well as actual water temperature are shown on clearly visible red LEDs.

On request, an alarm may be selected to sound upon completion of the preset test time.

Heating of the warming solution in the moulded 1-piece PET water bath with top cover against evaporation is performed by an integrated flow-through heating system.

The unit comes with one USP/EP/JP compliant “Type A” (6 test-stations) disintegration rack assembly per test-station. Optionally USP/EP/JP compliant “Quick-Clean” basket rack assembles, either “Type A” or “Type B” (3 test-stations with increased diameter) are available.


• 1 to 4 test racks
• 30 1 strokes/min.
• 55 2 mm stroke height
• Function keys and 2x LE display for entering nominal bath temperature and required run-time Starts/stops to
count run-time automatically when basket rack is lowered
• Optional acoustic alarm on the completion of the pre-set run-time
• Manual lift-in and -out of the Baskets