Dissolution Media Preparation Unit


The MD1000 has been designed to prepare media for dissolution testing removing dissolved oxygen to less than 5.5ppm and heating the media for your convenience up to the best temperature for your laboratory conditions. The unit is designed to be used with vessels for any make of dissolution bath.

The Vessels are simply placed inside the vessel holder and the media is dispensed directly into the vessel. Volumes between 250ml to 1000ml can be chosen in steps of 50ml.

The unit has easy to use menus designed to guide you through every process from performing a test to calibrating and flushing. A simple keypad has been used along with our clear whie on blue display.

Heating is supplied by flow through heater which can heat the media from 20 to 40 degrees with an accuracy of ± 2°C. The dispense temperature can be adjusted as required for your laboratory. The heater and degas functions can also be switched off for tests that do not require them.

The media is dispensed by weight using the internal load cell and the dispense accuracy is better than ± 1%.

With the MD1000 you do not need to wait for large quantities of media to heat up and each vessel of 1000ml takes in total approx 2 minutes. In busy labs where different medias are often used, the MD1000 is the ideal dissolution media preparation tool allowing you to switch media types with a single flush routine.


• Heating as standard.
• Degassing by vaccum better than 5.5ppm.
• 250 - 1000 mls of media (better than ± 1%) in steps of 50ml.
• Gravimetric dispensing using the new load cell.
• Filling of multiple vessels per test run.
• Printer for calibration and test protocols.
• Menu driven calibration routines for OQ/PQ and Load Cell Calibration.