Dissolution Tester, 11 ST


The CALEVA 11ST series is a basic stand-alone dissolution tester which comes with 6 vessels and drivers for all laboratories and universities where high quality is required but the budget is limited.

The unit, which is made out of carbon fiber to prevent corrosion, is equipped with a fixed drive head in high-head operation position, an individual display for each test-run parameter (time, rpm, temperature) and UP/DOWN buttons for an easy and fast operation, as well as an one-piece moulded water bath.

Due to the special designed “low evaporation vessel covers” evaporation is less than 0.7% (24h/37.0°C).


• 6 USP/EP glass vessels, 1000 ml or 2000 ml
• Membrane sealed “low evaporation” vessel covers
• Automatic vessel centering
• 6 USP/EP stainless steel shafts and paddles
• Wobble < 0.3mm at delivery
• Electronic telescopic lifter
• No height adjustment required for stirrers
• USP/EP compliant start routine
• Interchangeable shafts
• One-piece moulded PET water bath
• External 2000 watt flow-through heating system, accuracy ± 0.20°C, heating
• Internal PT 100 temperature sensor or water bath temperature display
• Reminder (optic and acoustic) for sampling intervals
• Functional keypad and illuminated 4-line LE display
• Serial connector for printer connection