Dissolution Tester, 11++ST


The Caleva 11++ST has been designed to enable easy validation and documentation with an increased memory capacity. For this reason the 11++ST is equipped withstorage of up to 100 product test-run parameter. By choosing the FDA print-out submenu the performance of the system can be documented for external persons within seconds.

The instrument has 6, 7 or 8 test stations arranged in 2 rows with 4 test vessels in each for easy access. Operation of the instrument is done by an alpha-numeric foil-keypad with an LC-display located in the drive head of the 11++ST with the maximum safety and visibility. The flow-through heating system guarantees a constant and vibration free temperature maintenance.

The CALEVA 11++ST has a product memory to store up to 100 products’ general data and its drive head can be moved manually to an upper or lower position for easy access to the bath and vessel handling or sampling.


• Optional Online OQ-Check for rpm
• Integrated System-Suitability Test menu with documentation print-out
• Logbook function with three user levels for the last 600 users
• Hours of operation counter
• Automatic height adjustment
• Automatic vessel centering
• Standard tablet drop magazine for 8 samples (low-head use). Optional automatic tablet drop with control of temperature tolerance (USP) before drop
• Evaporation less than 0.3% in low head mode and less than 0.7% in high head mode (24h/37.0°C)
• pH Change routines, menu guided
• Optic and acoustic reminder for manual sampling (count-down)
• Manual lifter with hydraulic support
• One-piece leak-free moulded, illuminated water bath with outlet cock (optional)
• PT 100 external temperature sensor for water bath- or media temperature display
• External heating system with control by the keypad and LC display of the 11++ST; accuracy ± 0.2°C
• Temperature sensors
• Video monitoring and recording
• Pre-heat function
• Optional monitoring of the media temperatures by up to 8 electronic PT 100
• Calibration menu for quick calibration of the 1 or 9 temperature sensors
• Shaft wobble less than 0.2 mm at delivery
• Corrosion-free plate for holding the vessels
• Programme menu for storage of the monographs of up to 100 products
• Automatic self-check of the temperature in the bath/vessels before test start
• Alpha-numeric touch sensitive keypad (IBM configuration) with illuminated full-graphic 6” display
• RS 232 and RS 485 serial interfaces for external control
• USB printer interface for documentation of the test run parameters (time, date, rpm, temperatures etc.) by a standard printer
• Optional USP Sampling Station with automatic height adjustment of the USP sampling points (low-head use)
• Optional video monitoring of six test positions