Dissolution Tester, 11+ST


The high standard dissolution tester CALEVA 11+ST guarantees an easy and comfortable access with its individual display for each test-run parameter (time, rpm, temperature) and UP/DOWN buttons for fast and easy test-run parameter settings. For better observation of the sample dissolving process the one-piece moulded water bath (with standard water outlet cock) is illuminated (optional).

The manual lifter column, with hydraulic support for effortless operation, allows raising and lowering of the drive head in just a few seconds.

Tablets/Pellets etc. are inserted through the sampling openings in the drive head via the standard tablet delivery system. Samples for analysis are withdrawn through special, membrane sealed sampling openings inside the drive head (only low-head).

Due to the extensive use of carbon fibre, the use of metal is eliminated and therefore reduces the risk of corrosion to a minimum.


• Three colour Traffic Light for USP/EP compliance check
• Easy and comfortable operations: UP/DOWN and START/STOP buttons for test parameter setting as well as individual big and bright LE displays for display
• Manual lifter with hydraulic support
• Low-head and high-head operations
• Quick exchange system for the stirring methods
• Automatic height adjustment of the stirring elements
• Video monitoring and recording
• Automatic vessel centring
• One-piece leak-free moulded, illuminated (optional) water bath with outlet cock
• Corrosion-free plate for holding the vessels
• Evaporation less than 0.3% in low-head mode and less than 0.7% in high-head mode (24h/37.0°C)
• External heating system with control by the keypad and LE display of the 11+ST; accuracy ± 0.2°C
• Standard tablet drop magazine for 8 samples. Optional automatic tablet drop with control of temperature tolerance (USP) before drop
• Internal PT 100 temperature sensor for water bath temperature display