Dissolution Tester, BioDis RRT 10


TheCALEVA RRT 10 is the perfect unit for multiple media change and complies with USP apparatus 3 and method 7 (switchable without the need of tools, with in approx. 1 minute). It is the perfect solution for multiple pH change due to the 6, 7 or 8 rows of vessels, 6 test stations and 2 reference positions or 7 test stations (optionally) each. The vessels are located in a heated water bath which is heated by an external heating system. The unique left to right movement allows easy access and visibility to each row. Additionally there is no head unit to attract corrosion.

The RRT 10 is operated by a removable touch-screen. Media loss by evaporation is prevented by an automated covering system.


• 36 test stations In 6 rows (standard configuration). Each row with 6 stations and 2 vials for reference purposes
• Touch screen operations
• Quick change from USP Method 3 to USP Method 7
• Quick coupling for fast exchange of sample tools
• Cylindrical flat bottomed glass vessels 250ml (media volume)
• Glass reciprocating cylinders fitted with mesh screens top and bottom
• Speed adjustable from 5 –40 stokes/min., accuracy better than +/-0,5%, height of stroke 100mm
• Water bath of 30 liters volume incl. immersed volume of dissolution vessels, 6mm clear acrylic glass
• Agitator shafts made of 316 stainless steel, vessel racks in Teflon coated stainless steel
• Cylinders will automatically center inside the vessels
• Evaporation losses are prevented by a covering system