Friability Testers


Tablet Friability Testers of the FT Series comply 100% with all USP/EP requirements. The drum is turned at 25 +/- 1 rpm.

The CALEVA FT series come with a routine for emptying the drum automatically, without removing the drum from the unit.

The runtime can be adjusted by membrane keys in either time or number of total revolutions. The remaining runtime as well as the actual rotation speed are shown at 2 LE displays. To comply with the latest specifications the unit is equipped with one additional switching leg to bring the drum to the 10° position.

CALEVA Friability Testers are available for holding one (FT 15) or two (FT 25) drum/s.


• 25 rpm (accuracy: +/- 1 rpm)
• Available for 1 or 2 drums
• Automated emptying of the drum
• Compatible for CALEVA friability drums
• DC frequency motor with constant actual/ nominal adjustment
• Built-in timer
• Membrane keys
• 2 LE display
• Switching leg for 10° adjustment
• Meets CE requirements