Hardness Tester


The THT 15 is an easy to use tablet hardness/-combination tester at economic price. It is available in two measurement versions, either„ Constant Speed“ or „Constant Force“. Max. 99 samples per test-run may be tested forthickness, diameter/length and hardness. Test results and statistical analyses are shown by two LE displays.

Together with the date, time, serial number and date of the last calibration, these results are documented by a printer connected via the standard USB port.Run-time parameters, such as date, time, the delay required between the tests of individual samples can be defined via the settingsmenu. The calibration of hardness measurement and the recognition of diameter and thickness (optional) are supported by the calibrationmenu.


• Electronic load cell (calibratable)
• Max. sample size: 30.00 mm diameter/length
• Optional determination of diameter/length andthickness from 0.10 up to 30.00 mm
• Measurement range for hardness testing from3 to 300 Newton (N, KP or SC)
• Measurement accuracy: +/-1 Newton respectively +/- 0.03 mm
• Adjustable measurement speed/force increase
• Integrated calibration menu
• USB printer port (applicable printer from PCL 3)