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TN-10 - Particle Formation Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
TN-11 - Investigations in Supercritical Fluid Reaction Chemistry: Synthesis in Non-traditional Media
TN-12 - Chemical Reactions Utilizing Supercritical Fluids
TN-13 - (OBSOLETE - Replaced by TN-17)
TN-14 - Supercritical Fluid Technology for Separation from Solid and Liquid Feed stocks
TN-15 - Current Status & Technical Challenges of Liquid Carbon Dioxide Dry Cleaning
TN-16 - Extractions of Binder from Powder Injected Metals Using Supercritical Fluids
TN-17 - Processing Pharmaceuticals with Supercritical Fluids
TN-18 - Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Nutraceutical Products
TN-19 - Oil of Catnip by Supercritical Fluid Extraction
TN-20 - Effect of Operating Conditions on Static/Dynamic Extraction of Peanut Oil Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
TN-21 - Solubilities of Substituted Phenols in Supercritical Fluid Carbon Dioxide
TN-22 - Application of Near Critical/Supercritical Solvent Cleaning Processes
TN-23 - Positive-Tone Resist for SCO2 Processing
TN-24 - Economic Feasibility on SFE of Edible Oils
TN-25 - Crystal Doping Aided by RESS
TN-26 - Assessing Feasibility of SFE Processing
TN-27 - Solubility Studies Utilizing a Phase Monitor
TN-28 - Study on Critical Points of Carbon Dioxide + Single and Multicomponent Solid Solute Systems
TN-29 - Low-Temperature Growth of Carbon Nanotubes from the Catalytic Decomposition of Carbon Tetrachloride
TN-30 - Supercritical Fluid Technology-Green Chemistry for the 21st Century
TN-31 - Design and process aspects of laboratory scale SCF particle formation systems
TN-32 - Compression and Condensation of CO2
TN-33 - SupercriticalFluid Facilitated Growth of Copper and Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles
TN-34 - Assessing Feasibility of Supercritical Reaction Processes Using Laboratory Equipment
TN-35 - Assessing Technical Feasibility of Supercritical Extraction Process Occurring Materials Using Benchtop Laboratory Equipment
TN-36 - Extraction of Natural Ingredients from Natural Feedstock’s Using Supercritical Fluids
TN-37 - Determining the Solubility, Cloud Point, Swelling and Crystallization Properties in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide