About Supercritical Fluids

What Are Supercritical Fluids and How do They Work?

When a gas such a Carbon Dioxide is contained under high pressure and heated, it changes physical properties, becoming a supercritical fluid. In this state, it has the solvating power of a liquid and the diffusivity of a gas. In short, it has properties of both a gas and a liquid. This means that supercritical fluids work extremely well as a processing media for a wide variety of chemical, biological, and polymer extraction.

Another powerful aspect to supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) is the ability to precisely control which component(s) of a complex matrix are extracted and which ones are left behind. This is accomplished through precise control of several key parameters such a temperature, pressure, flow rates and processing time. Yields are much greater with SFE than extractions performed by traditional techniques, and product purity is high. Decomposition of materials almost never occurs due to the relatively mild processing temperatures.

Common Applications of Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Particle formation
Extraction of biologically active ingredients
Fermentation broth extraction
Protein purification

Flavor extraction and concentration
Extraction of fragrance
Processing essential oils
Flavor and fragrance infusion

Vitamin extraction
Anti-oxidant extraction
Concentration of active ingredients

Polymers Chemistry:
Renewal of monomers and oligomers
Infusion of component
Removal of binder from powered metals

Precision machined components
Silicon wafers
Medical implants
Electronic components

Reaction Chemistry:
Reactions and organic product synthesis
Hydrogenation reactions
Polymerization reactions and synthesis

Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Reaction Products
Supercritical Fluid Technologies offers a wide range of supercritical fluid extraction and reaction equipment. Whether you require a small, entry level QC/QA extractor  or a mid-scale, research grade system, SFT has SF equipment to meet your needs and your budget.
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